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Funeral Directors Services Price List 

Professional Fees

Provision of Funeral Directors services £850.00

Attending to all necessary arrangements £500.00

Provision of all necessary staff £280.00

Conveyance to our premises (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) £180.00

Out of hours (5pm-9am Mon-Sun) additional £150.00

Care of deceased £170.00

Supplying a hearse £370.00

Coffin  (prices vary, please email for prices & photos)

Total £2,350.00 + Coffin

Additional Services

Provision of a limousine £250.00

Hygienic preparation of the person who has passed away £150.00

Horse drawn hearse or motorcycle hearse From £1000.00

Additional mileage for funeral vehicles over 20 miles per care £1.85 per mile

Reception into church (outside of normal working hours) £400.00

Additional mileage for bringing the person who has passed away into our care £1.70 per mile

Additional bearers as needed £60.00

Additional time on Funerals (per 30 minutes over 3 hours) £50.00

Attending and Organising an Ashes interment £250.00

Funerals conducted on Saturday £500.00

Funerals conducted on Sunday or Bank Holiday £600.00

Order of service sheets £POA

Disbursement Fees

Minister or Celebrant Fees £200.00(approx)

Kingsdown Crematorium Services £915.00

North Wiltshire Crematorium Services £999.00

West Wiltshire Crematorium Services £1010.00

Westerleigh Crematorium Services: £1010.00

Doctor's fee for cremation paperwork £82.00 per doctor

Church & burials fees POA

Alternative Funeral Service Options
The Basic Service - £1,600.00

The Basic Service is a cheaper alternative to our more traditional package.
Your loved one will be transported to the local crematorium of your choosing before the service starts. There is no hearse provided. The funeral service must be held at either 9:00am or 9:30am. Your choice of coffin is not included in this price.

(this service is only available for cremation, no church service or burial to take place and is subject)


Crematorium prices for 9am or 9:30am service:
Kingsdown Crematorium from £745.00

North Wiltshire Crematorium £825.00
West Wiltshire Crematorium £825.00

Westerleigh Crematorium £825.00


Direct Cremation 

The Direct Cremation Service - £1,100.00

The Direct Cremation Service offers a budget friendly cremation service for those who do not wish to have a typical funeral service. Your loved one will be transported to the crematorium of our choosing at the time slot allocated by the crematorium. No service will be held. A basic coffin is provided but if you to wish upgrade you may for an additional cost, and the chapel of rest will be unavailable.


Crematorium prices for unattended service:

Kingsdown Crematorium £495.00

North Wiltshire Crematorium £525.00


Price promise guarantee; for more information contact us.

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