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A memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance. At Johnson & Daltrey we will guide you through the process of choosing a fitting tribute for your loved one. We will also complete all of the formalities on your behalf including applying to the local authority for a permit which you will need before erecting a memorial. If you are shopping around we offer free no obligation quotes on all memorials. We can provide traditional headstones, tablets, kerb sets and even bespoke memorials (subject to local authority acceptance).


If you visit us in branch we have resources available to assist you in making any decisions. We have examples of inscriptions and fonts, stone samples and even a display of various memorials.

If you have seen a style of memorial you like we can do our best to replicate it. The materials that we use for our memorials are of the finest quality available, ensuring durability and good preservation through time.  

We can also undertake memorial restorations on existing stones, including re-painting or re-gilding lettering. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail or to request a brochure.


  What to think about when choosing a memorial..

  • Shape and style

  • Material it will be made from

  • Inscription on the memorial

  • Colour of inscription

  • Would you like a vase?

  • Any extras, such as photos or personalisation

Shopping around for the best price?

When comparing prices for memorials, please make sure that lettering and third party fees have been included in your quotation. It is also vitally important to ensure that details of the proposed memorial have been submitted to the local authority governing the cemetery or churchyard for their acceptance. To avoid disappointment and great expense, check that the memorial has been accepted before you commit to ordering. 

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