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Funeral Plans

      A funeral plan is a thoughtful way to plan

ahead.  It enables you to pay for our

professional fees fixed at today’s price and

make a contribution

towards disbursements otherwise known

as third party fees. You can record as much

detail as you like including music choices,

transport, even the route you would

like to take on the day of the funeral.

This saves your family the added distress

of making decisions at a difficult time. 

We have a number of plans you can choose

from or we can build a bespoke plan

completely unique to you.

Please feel free to give us a call or visit one

of our branches if you would like a more

in-depth explanation or have any questions.

We also have literature regarding funeral

plans in all of our branches which you can

pick up or we can send out to you. If you

decide you would like to take out a

funeral plan, please arrange an appointment

and one of our funeral directors can talk

through your wish with you in the

comfort of your home or in one of our

friendly offices.

Click below to visit the website of

Ecclesiastical Planning Services, our funeral

plan provider to find out more about our set

plans and to purchase online.

Upon receipt of your application and payment, Ecclesiastical Planning Services will send you

a welcome pack including your Certificate of

Entitlement which should be kept in a safe place.

Our funeral plan provider is registered with the

Funeral Planning Authority and adheres to its

Code of Practice .

Terms and conditions apply to funeral plans –

please ask for details.